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Urgent action needed as hepatitis E spreads through refugee camps in Chad

MSF teams working in Adré, Aboutengue, Metché and Al-Acha camps have seen a surge in cases of hepatitis E, which are directly linked to inadequate sanitation and people’s limited access to clean water. To date, MSF has recorded a staggering 954 cases of hepatitis E among refugees, including 11 pregnant women; four patients have died. Most cases (469) have been in Adré camp, where 122,000 people are waiting to be relocated to more permanent refugee camps. Our teams have also recorded 292 cases in Aboutengue, 132 in Metche and 41 in Al-Acha camps.

In Adré camp, there is just one latrine for 677 people, while in Metché camp there is one latrine for 225 people.

“The situation is dire in all camps,” says Mondesir. “Without swift action to improve sanitation infrastructure and enhance people’s access to clean water, we risk witnessing a surge in preventable illnesses and unnecessary loss of life.”

MSF is currently providing more than 70 per cent of the drinking water available in Adré, Aboutengue, Metché and Al-Acha camps. Despite this, people are receiving just 11 litres of clean water per day – well below the 20 litres per person per day recommended for emergency settings.

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