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Ongoing investigation into the killings of Maria Tedros and Yohannes

Today marks three years since the brutal murders of our colleagues, María Hernández Matas, Tedros Gebremariam and Yohannes Halefom Reda, who were killed while providing lifesaving support to communities affected by conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia

During this period, MSF has continued to engage with various representatives of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), and they have informed us on several occasions that an investigation into our colleagues’ killings is ongoing. While we acknowledge such a process demands thoroughness, rigour, and time, we remain hopeful the findings will be available soon. It is critical to ensure the families of María, Tedros and Yohannes receive a credible and transparent account of what happened, to recognise, honour and do justice to their memory, and to help alleviate their families’ pain.  

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