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No end in sight: The repeated trauma of displacement for people in Gaza

Haider has been moving from place to place across the Al-Mawasi area, living in a tent.

“I’ve been forcibly displaced eight times, an average of once a month,” he says. “Two days ago, there was another displacement. I didn’t sleep for 24 hours as we were moving from one place to another due to the explosions. I am always thinking about my wife and children in northern Gaza, and I am suffering every day.”

Living conditions are desperate for Haider and the thousands of other people on the move.

Since being forced to leave Rafah, Kamil and his children have moved multiple times in and around Al-Mawasi and Al-Bureij camp, in the Middle Area. Currently they are in Al-Bureij, but he stresses that nowhere is safe from the bombardments.

“Nowhere is safe and the conditions are terrible,” says Kamil. “We don’t have enough food, water, medicine or clothes. There are no shoes. There’s nothing. It’s very difficult to see my children like this.”

Kamil can only guess at the mental trauma suffered by his children as the result of their experiences.

“It’s traumatic,” says Kamil. “Even yesterday, the kids were playing with my nephews and I heard them telling the story of Alaa, they keep telling the story of Alaa. They’re still traumatised until now.”

According to the UN, 90 per cent of Gazans have been displaced at least once since the war between Israel and Hamas began, the majority of whom are forced to live in appalling conditions. For Haider, his only wish is to be reunited with his family in Gaza City and for the bloodshed to stop.

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