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MSF strengthening commitment to access to products for healthcare

The new structure will be closer to our medical humanitarian operations, to better support the needs of the communities we assist. Five regional offices (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Nairobi, Kenya; Dakar, Senegal; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Brussels, Belgium) will work together with our operational teams and patients as well as with our partners and networks. A dedicated internal fund will also be set up to support access-related initiatives throughout the organisation.

MSF’s focus is on directly addressing the problems our patients and our operational teams face. MSF will also continue to work globally to address systemic barriers causing or amplifying these problems. This includes advocating for changes to policy and practices that determine who can or cannot access lifesaving healthcare products in many of the more than 70 countries around the world where MSF works.

These changes and evolution are the result of over two years of in-depth consultations with hundreds of MSF staff. This new structure is expected to be operational from January 2025 and will initially focus on continuing key work currently run by the Access Campaign.

MSF remains committed to improving the accessibility, availability, affordability, appropriateness and quality of products for healthcare for the patients and communities we assist.

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