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MSF President calls on UN member states to take urgent action in Gaza

It has been two weeks since Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) addressed the UN Security Council. As a father, medic, humanitarian but mostly as a human being, I am appalled by the continued and complete disregard for life we are witnessing in Gaza.

After working as a surgeon in low-resource settings in emergencies around the world, I thought nothing could shock me. But the horror medical staff and their patients have endured in places like Al-Shifa and Al-Awda hospitals will stay with me. Surgeries have been conducted without painkillers and one of our surgeons Dr Mahmoud Abu Nujaila was killed in an air strike after writing on the surgery whiteboard: “Whoever stands until the end, will tell the story. We did what we could.”

When I visited some of our staff in Palestine a few months ago, they were already mentally and physically exhausted. Now, I fear they are at breaking point.

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