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Funding cuts for medical referrals in northeast Syria will increase preventable deaths

Nabeela*, a resident of Al-Hol camp.

“My daughter has been battling kidney failure since 2023. Despite monthly referrals to Hassakeh hospitals, I was unable to accompany her due to security restrictions. Recently, I received the devastating news that she can no longer be referred to Hassakeh hospitals for treatment and in just five days she will run out of medication. Witnessing her suffering is more agonising than the horror we endure in Al-Hol camp. The feeling of helplessness when a loved one is in pain is truly overwhelming.”   

Maha*, a resident of Al-Hol camp.

“For over five years, I have called Al-Hol camp my home… Despite the immense challenges and hopelessness of life here, I persevere to ensure my children receive the love, care and attention they deserve.

“Two years ago, my son was diagnosed with a disease that shattered our world. His tiny body endured relentless nasal bleeding and unyielding bouts of vomiting – suffering that eclipsed even the horror we witnessed during the conflict and our time in the camp.

“It has been two years now since his diagnosis, yet I persistently ask for his urgent treatment… Recently, my son’s suffering intensified as he began experiencing vision disturbances. Although it took over six months for him to be referred to Hassakeh for medical consultation, still no treatment was provided, and my son lost his sight. For the past two years, my son has been denied treatment. His bleeding persists and every day he cries out in agony. Our faith in humanity has waned; within the confines of Al-Hol camp, compassion finds no sanctuary.”  

Jameela*, a resident of Al-Hol camp. 

“My daughter was diagnosed with a chronic gastro infection in 2023, a condition that necessitated a referral to hospital for essential treatment, as the required medication remains unavailable within the camp. Unfortunately, her last referral, a month ago in March 2024, yielded no relief.

“She has since exhausted her medications and her health has deteriorated significantly. Despite her excruciating pain, no organisation within the camp can alleviate her suffering. Now, my daughter teeters on the precipice of fatal consequences. Desperate, I pleaded for repatriation to my home country where healthcare was once accessible… Yet, my pleas remain unanswered; they tell me my country has abandoned us.”  

*Names changes to protect identity.


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