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EU policies deny safety and protection to refugees and migrants

Similar patterns of outsourced violence from the EU, as well as the denial of access to basic healthcare and safety for migrants and refugees, are present in Niger, Serbia and Tunisia. However, this violence is also clear and well-documented within EU borders.

“I told the doctor, ‘I want to stay here, I am seeking asylum’, but he said to me, ‘Honestly, I don’t know what is going to happen to you’, and the border guards came to the hospital and they put me in a prison for three hours. And after that, I went back to the border,” says an MSF patient in Belarus.

The practice of repeated pushbacks in countries such as Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary has been documented by MSF teams.

With over 2,000 kilometres of border walls and fences designed to keep people out of the EU, which are often topped with razor wire and bolstered by surveillance cameras and drones, the physical architecture of EU deterrence policies causes injuries that are treated by our medical teams. Examples of this are found at the Polish–Belarusian and Serbian–Hungarian borders.

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