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Democratic Republic of Congo: MSF calls for protection of patients, medical facilities and civilians following Drodro hospital attack

“The consequences for the population are dire,” says Boubacar Mballo, project coordinator for MSF at Drodro. “Drodro hospital can no longer function, leaving people without medical care. In addition, the growing insecurity has effectively cut off the region, resulting in the complete disruption of food and much needed additional water supplies to the overwhelmed Rho camp.”  

Since yesterday’s attack on Drodro, MSF has temporarily evacuated its staff from the town, but MSF teams continue to provide basic healthcare, stabilisation care for critical cases, sexual and reproductive healthcare, mental health support and water and sanitation services to people sheltering in Rho camp. However, MSF is concerned that, as insecurity worsens and supplies run out, this is not sustainable.  

“We are concerned that people’s access to necessities such as clean drinking water, food and medical care is at risk”, says Boubacar Mballo. “Hence, we emphasize the obligation of all conflicting parties to uphold the respect and protection of the civilian population and medical missions under all circumstances.”

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