Personalized immunotherapy shrinks solid tumors

Cross-sectional CT images showing a metastatic tumor in the left lung of a patient (top image) and no tumor following…

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Multivitamins don’t cut risk of death, large analysis finds

A new study questions the benefits of regular multivitamin use. Credit: iStock/bert_phantana What A large analysis of data from nearly…

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Imfinzi Improves Survival in Small Cell Lung Cancer

June 25, 2024, by Nadia Jaber A clinical trial has shown that durvalumab (Imfinzi) helps people with limited-stage small cell…

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Five-drug combination targets aggressive B-cell lymphomas

Before treatment with ViPOR, full-body and cross-sectional PET scans of a patient show large lymphoma tumors (circled in the top…

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New study offers clues into genetics of X chromosome loss

As some women age, their white blood cells can lose a copy of chromosome X. A new study sheds light…

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Efforts to Lower Cancer Drug Doses Gain Steam

June 5, 2024, by Linda Wang In an effort to reduce treatment-related side effects, more researchers are studying whether some…

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AI tool helps determine if immunotherapy drugs are effective for treating a patient’s cancer

Clinical data from a simple blood test may one day be used to match patients to immunotherapy drugs. Credit: iStock/Charday…

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Annual Report to the Nation Part 2 pandemic cancer diagnoses

Lung cancer diagnoses fell from March 2020 to May 2020, one of six major cancer types to experience a dip…

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Distinguished oncologist Steven Rosenberg honored for pioneering work in immunotherapy

Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., is a recipient of the 2023 National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Credit: National Institutes…

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Improving T-cell-based immunotherapy treatments for solid tumors

Tumor cells (green) are grown in a dish with engineered T cells alone (on the top) or with engineered T…

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