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Breaking barriers to safe abortion care in Mozambique

Countering myths and misinformation about abortion

Misconceptions about abortion and contraceptive care are common in Beira. For example, many people believe that starting on a contraceptive method now could mean they will not be able to get pregnant in the future. This is also a common myth about the consequences of safe abortion.

Our teams have also heard from women who reported being charged by healthcare providers for safe abortion care – a service that should be free. 

“I didn’t know what abortion was – it was my first time,” says Maria José*. “When I got [to the clinic], they didn’t take care of me properly. They treated me aggressively and charged me money – I paid them 500 meticais [about US$8. Most people live on less than US$2.15 a day.” 

It’s important that people know they should not be charged for this service, so that they do not resort to unsafe methods out of desperation. 

MSF uses various tools to counter myths and spread accurate health information to the community about safe abortion care. We place advertisements and host discussions on social media and the radio, provide a hotline that people can call for additional information, and partner with local theatre groups who perform skits about sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

Beatriz* is a midwife trainee at Chingussura health centre in Beira. In 2022, she decided to have an abortion so that she could finish her studies this year. Her husband and family supported her decision. She heard rumours in the community that it is not possible to get pregnant after having a safe abortion. 

“That is a myth,” says Beatriz. “I am now seven months pregnant.” Now that her studies are nearly complete, Beatriz is looking forward to having a child.

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